Sweets and Snacks Menu

(Seasonally and Occasionally Rotating)

All of Mishtaan’s Sweets are Made In-House by Highly Trained Chefs and Halwais, specifically flown in from India. At Mishtaan, we strive to replicate the Nostalgic Pride of India in our Authentic Sweets, by ONLY using the Highest Quality Ingredients. Mishtaan caters to all your event needs with various options to choose from, we offer our sweets per Two Pieces, 1/2 lbs, 1 lbs, 2 lbs, and more for any events you need catered.

Milk Cake (Kalakhand)
A rich and creamy Indian Milk Fudge made from Sweetened Cardamom Laced Cream.
Malai Sandwich
A Delectable, Fusion Sweet where layers of Rich Cream (Malai) are sandwiched together, offering a delightful and indulgent treat.
Kaju Pista Roll
A luxurious sweet made from a puree of Ground Cashews and Pistachio, rolled into a Regal Delicacy.
Kaju Katli
A popular Indian sweet made from Ground Cashews, flavored with saffron, cardamom and garnished with edible silver.
Bikaneri Kalakhand
A specialty sweet originating from Rajasthan, made from Thickened Milk, and roasted Cardamom, a unique regional classic.
Mishtaan Special Rasgulla
A Mishtaan Specialty, Fresh Made Panner Dumplings, soaked in a cardamom laced sugar syrup, a Mishtaan Specialty.
Besan Ladoo
A traditional Indian sweet made from Roasted Gram Flour, Fresh Indian Ghee, Sugar, and Garnished with roasted Nuts.
Malai Chum Chum
Soft and Spongy Paneer Dumplings soaked in Thickened Sweetened Milk.
Motichoor Ladoo
Tiny Spherical Sweets made from Freshly Fried Chickpea Flour Droplets, soaked in Sugar Syrup.
Jaipur Shahi Sandwich
A regal and indulgent Indian sandwich featuring a fusion of Indian flavors. Made with Fresh Milk Sweetened with Brown Sugar and layered with Royal Indian Malai.
Khoya Kalakand
A delectable Indian sweet made from Khoya (Whole Milk Solids), Sugar, and Cardamom, expertly cooked and solidified into a light and delectable fudge.
Dry Frut Motichoor Ladoo
A Twist on our Classic Motichoor Ladoo, made with Ghee Roasted Indian Almonds, and Cashews.
Anjeer Burfi
A delectable Indian sweet made from Sun Dried figs (Anjeer) blended with Ghee Roasted Nuts, Indian Brown Sugar, and Ghee.
Mishtaan Saffron Rasmalai
Soft and Spongy Malai Paneer Dumplings, soaked in a Sweet and Aromatic Saffron Milk syrup, laced with cardamom.
Gulab Jamun
A classic and popular Indian dessert made from Golden Fried Dumplings, soaked in a fragrant Sugar Syrup infused with Rose Water and Cardamom.
Gajar Ka Halwa
Endulge in a Classic Regal Indian Sweet, made from Freshly Grated Carrots, Cardamom Infused Sugar, and Sweetened Milk Soilds.
Bengali Paneer Kalakand
A Light and Refreshing Indian Bengali Sweet made from Fresh Paneer, Cardamom laced Malai, and Sugar.
Mishtaan Special Barfi
A Mishtaan Speciality made of Condensed Milk, Ghee Roasted Nuts, and Freshly Grated Coconut.
Gulab Jamun Sandwich
The Perfect Fusion Dessert, We take our House Made Gulab Jamun and Stuff it with Fresh Cardamom laced Cream (Malai).
Soan Papdi
A Delightful and Flaky Indian Sweet made from layers of thin Gram Flour Shreds (Besan) layered with House-Made Ghee.
White Peda
Our White Peda is made from Khoya (Fresh Milk solids), Sugar, and Cardamom, best for any occasion.
A popular North Indian sweet that we affectionately call the “Indian Glazed Doughnut”.
Badam Pista Roll
Made from a mixture of Fresh Ghee Roasted Ground Almonds, Pistachios, and Sugar, rolled into Cylinders and garnished with real Silver.