Breakfast Menu

(8 AM to 10:30 AM)


Idili                                                    7

Freshly Steamed. Rice Cakes, a popular South Indian delicacy, served with Various Chutneys and Sambar.

Ghee Idili                                      7.5

Our Classic Idli slathered in our House Made Aromatic Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Podi Idili                                          8

Our Classic Idli Layered with Ghee and Tossed in our House-Made Spicy Gunpowder (Podi)

Masala Fried Idili                          8

Crispy and golden-brown Idli, pan-fried to perfection, a delightful Twist on the Classic

Cocktail Idili                                10 

A delightful and bite-sized variation of the traditional South Indian Idli, 


Dosa Plain                                       8

An Authentic South Indian Crepe made with a Rice Batter, served with House Chutney and Sambar.

Ghee/Butter Dosa                    9.5

Our Classic Dosa, Pan-Fried in Ghee till Crispy and Aromatic served with House Chutney and Sambar. 

Onion Chilli Dosa                       8.5

Our Classic Dosa is filled with freshly minced onions and green chilies, providing an excellent kick.

Masala Dosa                                   9

We take our Classic Dosa and fill it with a spiced potato masala mixture, the perfect dish

Butter Masala Dosa                  9.5

Our Classic Dosa is filled with a Buttery Spiced Potato Mixture, Crisped with Amul Butter.

Onion Chilli Masala Dosa         10

Our Classic Dosa is filled with freshly minced onions, spiced potato masala, and green chilies, providing an excellent kick.

Cheese Dosa                                10

The Perfect Dosa, stuffed with Amul Cheese and cooked till crispy and bubbly.

Paneer Dosa                                 10

Our classic Dosa is filled with Spiced Indian Cheese (Paneer), the perfect complement to the crispy Dosa.

Mysore Dosa                               9.5

A spicier version of our traditional dosa, filled with spicy red chutney.

Mysore Masala Dosa              10.5

An upgraded version of the Mysore dosa, made with Spiced Potatoes, and various assorted chutneys

Rava Dosa                                     11

A thin and lacy dosa made from Ground Semolina (Rava) and rice flour, offering a unique texture and a delightful crunch.

Rava Masala Dosa                      12

Our Rava Dosa filled with our House Spiced Potato Masala, a Fan Favorite.

Onion Rava Masala Dosa        12.5

Our Rava dosa is layered with minced onions and combined with our House Spiced Potato filling.

Mishtaan Spl. Dosa                    14

The Fan Favorite Dosa, made with a house mix of spiced potatoes, chilies, onions, and various chutneys


Plain Uttapam                              11

A Thick, Savory Indian Pancake made from Authentic Indian Rice and Urad Dal- A True South Indian delicacy.

Mixed Veg. Uttapam                  12

Made with a delicious medley of Indian Vegetables, the Mixed Veg Uttapam is a True Delight.

Mysore Veg. Uttapam             12.5

Mishtaan’s Signature Savory & Spicy Mysore Flavors, tossed with Mixed Vegetables. Now available for Uttapams.

Onion Chili Uttapam               11.5

A Spiced-up version of Our Classic Uttapam made with Fresh Onions and Thinly Chopped Green Chilies.

Panner/Cheese Uttapam        13

Choose Between Cheese or Panner (Indian Cheese) and we’ll grill it right into our Classic Uttapam.

Podi Veg. Uttapam                  12.5

The Podi Veg. Uttapam, A Burst of Indian Flavors that are Spicy and Buttery.


Plain Pesarattu                            10

A Classic and Crispy South Indian Green-Gram and Rice Dosa, perfect with various toppings or great on its own.

Masala Pesarattu                        11

An Elevated Pesarattu, made with our in-house spiced potato mixture-customize with more toppings.

Mixed Veg. Pesarattu                 11

Colorful, Healthy, Flavorful… Our Mixed Veg Pesarattu is the best culmination of flavors yet.

Mysore Pesarattu                    10.5

Mishtaan’s Signature Mysore Flavors…Now stuffed inside our house made Pesarattu.

Panner Masala Pesarattu         12

Our Mishtaan Classic Paneer Masala, the perfect culmination of Indian flavors, stuffed inside a crispy Pesarattu.

Onion Chili Pesarattu             10.5

We took our Classic Pesarattu and spiced it up with thinly sliced onions and chilies, the perfect bite.

MLA Pesarattu Upma                13

Thick crepe made with whole green lentils and sprinkled with cumin seeds, chopped onion, green chili, cilantro, and stuffed with upma. Served with sambar and chutney.

Podi Pesarattu                          10.5

Experience True Flavors with our Spiced Podi Pesarattu, the perfect spicy treat.

Panner/Cheese Pesarattu   11.5

Choose Between Cheese or Panner (Indian Cheese) and we’ll stuff our classic Pesarattu to the brim, just for you.


Vada                                                  8

Freshly Fried Lentil Fritter, made with Ground Urad Dal, and fried till crispy

Idili Vada Combo                          9

A serving of our Classic Steamed Idli, with a side of our Crispy Fried Spiced Lentil Fritter (Vada)

Sambar Vada                                  9

Freshly Fried Vada, dunked in a bowl of our Hot Spiced Sambar, perfect for a Chilly Day

Rasam Vada                                    9

A savory South Indian dish consisting of deep-fried lentil vadas soaked in a tangy and flavorful lentil soup called Rasam (Perfect for Winter)




Masala For Dosa                            3
Dahi                                                   1
Ghee/Butter                                 .5
Chutney                                           2
Sambhar                                          3