Amul Butter Sandwich               7

A classic sandwich featuring a generous layer of Amul butter spread between slices of Fresh Bread—simple, yet delicious.



Bombay Sandwich                      8

An authentic Sandwich, typically filled with various Vegetables, Chutneys, and Spices.

Tiranga Sandwich                        6

Classic layered sandwich with Tangy Sauce, Amul Butter, Mint


Veg Sandwich *(WO/W Cheese)*                                   7/8

 Another simple Classic, a delectable sandwich filled with veggies.

Cheese Sandwich*(WO/W Grilled)*                                    7/8

Another simple Classic, a delectable sandwich filled with Amul Butter and Amul Cheese.  


Chilli Cheese Toast                      9

An Indian Twist on the Classic Grilled Cheese, made with Amul Cheese and Indian Sauces


Bombay Grilled Sandwich        9

Our classic Bombay Sandwich grilled with Amul Butter

Aloo Toast *(WO/W Cheese)*                                                        8/9

A Classic Hyderabad Favorite, made with a layer of Spiced Potatoes, Sauces, and Amul Cheese



Regular Cheese Pizza                 9

The Classic Cheese Pizza, Simple yet Delicious

Indian Pizza Veg.                         10

Authentic Indian Pizza, made with fresh Cheese, and various Vegetables

Puff Pastry Pizza                          12

A Mishtaan Specialty—Cheese Pizza made with House Made Puff Pastry

Veg Burger                                   12

Our House Made Vegetarian Burger made with Ground Vegetables, and Fried till Crispy, served with Fries.

Masala Fries                                   5

 House Fries Tossed in Speciality Indian Spices (Masala)